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Video Production

Cinematic/ENG style shooting with professional lighting, camera, and sound packages available.

Professional Editing

Post production services ranging from video and audio editing to color grading, music, voice imaging, and distribution services.

Motion Media Design

Animation and branding capabilities designed to fulfill the needs of both commercial video and broadcast design applications.


Effective planning not only saves you money but also prevents unnecessary headaches. By bringing our team on board your project, you gain access to our extensive creative and technical expertise. We can assist you with advanced intelligence and demographics, event logistics, script development, technical planning, and crafting creative messaging to ensure the success of your project.

Empower your marketing team with a robust tool that facilitates online collaboration and sharing. Let us assist you in organizing your media files and related assets into shareable online bins and collections, allowing you to have complete control over access and links.

From message crafting to talent and music selection, as well as voice-over auditions and production/post-production, partnering with STVP is a seamless experience. Enjoy the convenience of remote client previews and the ability to review footage in real-time from anywhere with internet access and a web browser.

Revamp your brand’s identity with a fresh, polished appearance using a 2D/3D motion graphics package. Incorporate stunning custom cinematography, aerial shots, text overlays, and even timelapse imagery within your visual content. Our team can collaborate with you to create design templates tailored to your needs, ready for use in live broadcast CG operations. Clients appreciate our user-friendly technical execution planning, custom programming, and seamless control room integration/staff training.

Utilize our comprehensive video production services to plan, shoot, edit, and finalize your project, taking it from concept/script to its ultimate delivery. Allow our team to capture high-quality images and sound tailored to your chosen medium, transforming them into a beautifully crafted piece that aligns perfectly with your vision.

Take your event to the next level by introducing a new dimension of production design. Through our extensive network of partners, STVP offers a wide range of services, from simple event videography with integrated sound to complex multi-camera coverage with image magnification, LED video wall/confidence monitoring, staging, timer control, prompting, lighting design, audio engineering, cuing, and live graphics/video playback & automation.

Have full control over how your content is distributed and viewed. Share your videos on social media, enable secure downloading and password protection, track viewer analytics, deliver and stream content across various over-the-top devices, or even generate pay-per-view livestreaming and on-demand revenue. STVP’s clients have benefited from our ability to go live from remote locations, thanks to our bonded 4G LTE wireless services. And if needed, we still offer traditional DVD/Blu-ray duplication services, even as physical media distribution evolves.


Discover the STVP difference. With over two decades of experience and a multitude of awards, we proudly demonstrate our unwavering commitment to excellence and our steadfast dedication to our clients. Beyond merely producing videos, we specialize in crafting captivating stories and impactful messages. By choosing STVP, you’re not just selecting a service; you’re entering a partnership that empowers you to reach greater heights, dream bigger dreams, and unlock your full creative potential.

Let us breathe life into your vision. Whether it’s through our expert video production, professional editing, motion media design, or any of our comprehensive services, we stand by your side on your creative journey. Join us in the pursuit of perfection, and together, we’ll bring something truly extraordinary to life.

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