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Our OTT streaming media products ship via email from a third-party and are made available to you through a unique link that is included as part of that email. Please note that it is a manual process, so order fulfillment turnaround times will vary based on product & personnel availability (in some cases it is possible to pre-order before production has wrapped). We appreciate your patience and will update the status of your order as it is processed.

What You Can Expect When You Receive Your Order:

Once your order is delivered you will receive an email with a unique URL that will take you to a client portal page. On the client portal page you will have the option of either creating your own free viewing account or signing in to an existing account if you previously created one. After that the video or collection sent from us will be automatically added to your account.

Note: The URL contained in the email will be a one-time use link. Once the link has been used to create an account, subsequent visits to the link will go directly to the video or collection in your account. If you are not signed in, it will indicate the invitation has been used and you must sign in to view it.

Need Help?

Has your emailed link expired? Are you unable to access your order because you never setup an account? Contact us, noting the email address the content was delivered to and the item that was purchased; we will verify whether or not you took possession and, if necessary, resend a new one-time use link or escalate your case to customer support.